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The original Mr. Striker

The original Mr Striker, and the only character from the first story in 1985 who still features. Nick was a Premier League footballer who never quite hit the giddy heights of stardom. In 1994, after his club Thamesford refused to renew his contract and with his career in the top flight seemingly over, Nick joined non-league Warbury Warriors as player/manager, with the task of taking them all the way to the Premier League for a final chance to prove his critics wrong. A shark attack in Australia in 2003 eventually brought his playing career to an end. In 2014 he married Li Ming Wong (see below).



Chief Executive, Warbury Warriors

Bold, brash, bungling and bumbling, Eric became a millionaire after selling his pork scratchings factory. He bought Warbury Warriors in 1994 when it was a struggling non-league club and hoped to sell it on after securing a ground improvement grant from the Football league – but more adventures than Huckleberry Finn have resulted in Eric and the Warriors becoming inseparable.



Manager, Warbury Warriors FC

Warbury’s cool, calm and ultra-efficient German manager was previously the club’s Kapitan, who controlled a game like the tank he’s named after. For him every game is a war and he never takes prisoners. He is married to Ingrid and they have put a baby on their things-to-do schedule. There are unconfirmed reports that he was once seen laughing. 



Assistant Coach, Warbury Warriors FC

A huge talent with an ego to match, assistant coach Fabian was a skilful winger who could just as easily put a girl to bed as a game. However he still has nightmares about a romantic encounter in 2001 that went horribly wrong when a pair of beautiful-but-bonkers twin groupies handcuffed him to a bed before introducing him to their 18-stone mother. The consequence of that encounter? A boy called Romeo.



Striker, Warbury Warriors FC

Callum joined Warbury as a troubled 15-year-old teenager in 2000 and has consistently been the club’s top goalscorer after being helped by his mentor and his then-manager Nick to mend his wayward ways. He lives with Emma Langton, the girl he started dating at school. In 2004 Callum was almost killed after being stabbed by burglars.



Owner, Warbury Warriors FC

Serene and enigmatic Li Ming Wong first appeared in Striker in 2005 when her billionaire father bought Warbury Warriors from Eric and gave her the task of running the club. A year later she was kidnapped in a ransom plot organised by her jealous brother Chan - which ended in the death of both Chan and their father. Li Ming inherited her father’s fortune and in 2014 she married Nick on the Isle of Man in a storyline that would culminate in one of the most amazing plot twists ever!



Eric's Wife

Eric’s trophy wife who unashamedly married him for his money. She set her sights on Nick after he arrived at Warbury and when he eventually succumbed to temptation in 2004, the result was a boy called Todd nine months later. Vanessa’s dream of leaving Eric and setting up a family with Nick was shattered when he told her to stay with Eric and let him believe Todd was his own son. Despite Eric and Todd discovering the truth in separate events years later, all three now live as a happy family.



Youth Team Manager

Nearly seven feet tall, Warbury’s former giant central defender has completely outgrown his IQ. Almost everything but a football goes over his head. He’s now an assistant coach and has responsibility for running Warbury’s youth academy.



Goalkeeper, Warbury Warriors FC

Warbury’s voodoo-practicing Haitian goalkeeper who paints a skull on his face during matches to intimidate opponents. A first-rate shot-stopper who rarely puts a hand or foot wrong.




Feisty but sexy Kate made her Striker debut in 2004 when she seduced Callum and almost wrecked his relationship with Emma. She went on to become a presenter on Warbury Warriors’ TV channel, where she turned her attentions to Nick. They were going to be married but a shocking event left their plans in ruins.

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