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Volume 20 in a planned box set of 25 A4 hardback volumes comprising the entire Striker archive from 1985 to 2019 includes the crazy comedy sketch of Kurt's ruined boiled egg breakfast that sent Ingrid into a panic. In the book's foreword, Striker creator Pete Nash explains how he almost scrapped the sequence because he feared it would be a flop. Instead, Sun readers hailed it as a classic.  


Meanwhile, Nick Jarvis - now a troubled billionaire after inheriting Li Ming's fortune - becomes the apple of Kate Riley's eye. What can she possibly see in him?


With the Chinese government hatching a plan to seize Nick's inheritance, he'll need all the support Kate can offer   


Prices for this 240-page A4 hardback have been kept at £28 for an unsigned copy and £32 for one signed by Pete Nash.

Striker:Complete Collection Volume 20

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