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My son gets married and I get covid!


Muddy Maladies, as Eric would say - my wife Jill and I are recovering from covid, having caught it at our son Adam’s wedding in London. Fortunately it was no worse than a dose of flu, but we’re both thankful for being double-jabbed or it could have been much worse.

With covid restrictions being lifted today, it’s clear that more and more people who have been fully vaccinated will be getting the virus sooner or later, as it won’t be going away. We’re going to have to live with it - and on the plus side, getting covid after two jabs is like getting a booster shot, according to scientists!

We’re hopefully on the mend now, but being laid up will likely cause a slight delay with the release of Volume 16 of the Striker collection. It should still be ready next month as scheduled, but probably towards the end of the month rather than the middle.

Volume 16 includes all the strips that were published in Nuts magazine in 2010 - and features the debut of Sheik Mustapha Futti Kalub!

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