Striker comic and strips to end

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

By Striker creator PETE NASH

It’s with sadness but also optimism that I have to announce the end of Striker as a comic and newspaper strip after 34 memorable years. I made the decision after The Sun explained that while they were happy to keep Striker, they were unable to increase their fee to a level that would have made continued production worthwhile.

There was an offer from another newspaper group but it fell short of what was needed.

Despite two successful crowdfunding campaigns to re-launch Striker as a weekly comic, retail sales failed to reach our required target, mainly due to a lack of capital but also because many fans were unwilling to buy the comic when they were getting Striker free in a newspaper.

Potential investors were waiting in the wings - but they were more excited by the animation possibilities of Striker rather than a comic.

For a while, things looked promising when we partnered with a gaming company to show the football in Striker as animated weekly highlights. But the animation wasn’t well received - and the partnership has now ended after the gaming company sold its assets.

Final edition

While a few people may feel Striker should have ended before now, I know most of you will be wondering if there is some other way to keep Striker going. But given the circumstances, I believe the time is right to finally bring the curtain down on the comic and newspaper strip.

I’ve done my best to make it work, but when the writing is on the wall after so many stops and starts, it’s important to read the signs. In the absence of sufficient funding, it’s far better to go out on a high than try to manage an inevitable decline.

And go out on a high we will. I’ve decided to give the 34-year saga a fitting end by publishing a 52-page commemorative issue next month called Striker: The Fina