Striker fans save the comic!

Striker's incredible fans have secured the next 12 issues of the weekly comic by raising more than £45,000 in just two weeks in a nail-biting crowdfunding campaign.

After £14,000 was raised on the first day, the following 13 days saw pledges coming in at an average rate of just under £2,400 a day - meaning the campaign went right to the wire, with many fans staying up into the early hours on the final day to see if the £45,000 target would be met.

Striker creator Pete Nash said: "For our fans to raise that much money in such a short space of time at Christmas is a fantastic achievement. It not only guarantees the next 12 issues of the comic, but it will impress potential investors who I hope to meet in the New Year.

"Investment is important because it will enable us to reach out to a new audience and develop new products, including merchandise. There are some exciting plans in the pipeline but we need to take one step at a time."

The next comic - issue 13 - will be published on Wednesday, January 16.

There will be some changes to the comic format and these will be announced soon.